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WE ARE HIRING! Go Software Engineer


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  • CEO at HRBrain. Founded HRBrain in 2017. ex Cyber Agent.

  • 株式会社HRBrainで取締役VPoEとしてエンジニアの組織作りを担当しています。

  • CTO of HRBrain

  • 大手精密機器メーカーにて約14年間、Windowsアプリケーションやライブラリ、Webサービスなど幅広くソフトウェア開発に携わる。またそのなかで、プログラマ、アーキテクト、プロジェクトマネージャーを経験。その後、モバイル決済スタートアップを経て、2020年に(株)HRBrainに入社。バックエンドエンジニアとしてサービスの可用性強化や新機能開発を行いながら、リードエンジニアとしてチームビルディングも推進する。

What we do

  • Our office is located in Shibuya, Tokyo, but all engineers are working remotedly.
  • Keisuke Honda, a famous football player is one of the investers of us.

HRBrain is a service that provides cloud-based software to streamline all operations from human resource assessment to human resource data utilization and talent management, thereby increasing organizational productivity.

Our mission is to be a growth partner for people and companies, and as a cloud service that is indispensable for organizational growth in areas such as goal management, talent management, and people analytics, we are constantly working to expand the functionality of our products to address all kinds of human resource issues that are at the core of corporate management. As a cloud service that is indispensable for organizational growth, we are constantly working to expand the functionality of our products so that they can address all the issues of human resource management that are fundamental to corporate management.

\Award History/
ITreview Grid Award 2021 Spring
Good Design Award 2019
Aspic クラウドアワード「ベストベンチャー賞」
リクルート主催「OPEN PAAK DAY」「Tech Crunch Japan賞」受賞
Forbes起業家ランキング「RISING STAR部門」3位

Why we do

  • Development team, we have 40 members. We are hiring more members to join!
  • IT review Grid Award Spring, we won the leader for 5 consecutive terms.

The use of human resource management is for the purpose of "development". Each individual should have a purpose and goal, work in harmony with co-workers, and enjoy life even more when they work vigorously and receive a fair evaluation from the company. We aim to create such a world through HRBrain.

HRBrain is a service that supports the "development" of all people and helps companies implement effective HR strategies.
We believe that supporting the growth of all people working in the world will have a great impact on the world.

How we do

  • HRBrain, we are thoroughly focused on usability.
  • Our management team

Many engineers have experience in developing large-scale services, and they are developing high-quality, simple services. We are open to remote work from anywhere in the workd as our teams are globally distributed.

Altough we are a small team of about 100 people, many of whom come from major companies, and we have a group of members who take ownership and are self-motivated. We have calm and constructive discussions, and we work in an open communication environment where we ask "how can we do it" and "how can we make it better?

We have raised 2.2 billion yen in funding from VCs and institutional investors so far, and are working on further product development.

We are building an organization in which each individual can fully exercise his or her abilities. We have a culture where people can make proposals and implement them regardless of their position or title. This is a good environment for those who want to take on many challenges with ownership.

We are using those tools below
- SmartHR
- Google Apps
- Slack
- Figma
- notion
- zoom
- Github
- Docker
- Marketo

As a new team member

About the role - Go Software Engineer REMOTE

As a Golang Developer / Backend Software Engineer you'll primarily use Golang to help lead, design, and build our services and infrastructure to deploy critical upgrades at scale across HRBrain offering.

Responsible for planning and architecting the back end systems and services, you'll be constantly working in back end customer applications
Be a potential leader within the business and have opportunity to lead technical projects across the teams.
Work with cross functional teams to ensure the best delivery to customers

Experience needed
1. 5+ years total work experience within software development
2. Experience working with Golang
3. Bachelors / Masters degree within something related to computer science
4. You are comfortable working in a cloud environment
5. Maintains technical knowledge within areas of expertise
6. Stays current with new and evolving technologies

Desirable experience -
1. Google cloud experience
2. Experience with one or more static typing languages (Scala, C/C++, C# Java, etc)
3. Extensive experience working in an agile environment

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    WE ARE HIRING! Go Software Engineer