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  •  根っからの起業家で、これまで立ち上げた事業は、110店舗の調剤薬局チェーンなど、10以上。


  • 仕事内容: 高校卒業後、アメリカに留学し米国認定看護師の資格を取得。





  • Half Mexican half Japanese raised in Mexico City, I studied marketing in Buenos Aires Argentina and Mexico. I can speak Spanish, English and French.

    Developed online marketing strategies for international brands like Kellogg’s Cereals, Canon and HSBC. Now introducing Brolico to the US.

What we do

  • We achieved 10% growth of sales per month
  • We won the first prize in health device department in Rise Up Festa, sponsored by The Bank of Mitsubishi- Tokyo UFJ

We are now selling Brolico, the supplement with newly discovered nutrient from broccolis, in Japan, in the US, and in South Korea. Brolico is patented internationally and we are to expand globally even more.
We use silkworms to test supplements’ power. Using such unique research that would enable us to differentiate from others, and our research team will continue to produce innovative products.
The developed product has gone through human clinical trial. Moreover, the paper of this study was posted on Journal of Biochemistry, one of the most famous journals in the field. It also has repeat rate of 91% indicating Brolico earns customers’ exceptional credit.
Brolico has earned awards from various places such as most valuable awards from The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, one of the biggest banks in Japan, and chosen as one of the companies for Kakehashi Project from Prime Minister Abe of Japan and Ministry of Trade, Economy, and Industry.

Why we do

  • Our mission is to extend health life expectancy through preventive medicine
  • Brolico Bottles

Our mission is to extend the health life expectancy through preventive medicine. Health is the most basic needs and wants for human beings. Nutrition clearly matters for our better life though we are not aware of it every moment.
Even Peter Thiel, the CEO of PayPal, refers as follows. “There’s plenty more to learn: we know more about the physics of faraway stars than we know about human nutrition. It won’t be easy, but it’s not obviously impossible: exactly the kind of field that could yield secrets”.

How we do

  • We achieved 10% growth of sales per month
  • With one of the best marketer in the world, Jay Abraham

We have been extremely successful: the sales has increased consistently from the foundation of the company through the Internet. We now have sales around 1.2million dollars a month with 10% growth each month. Only two marketers are in charge of this much of sales.
We are aiming for exponential growth with new products and expansion of its market, selling products worldwide. The goals are to sell 100 million US dollars worth in Japan and a billion worldwide.
The company can grow consistently without much of volatility thanks to our loyal customers. You will also be able to get consultations from Jay Abraham, well-known marketer chosen as top 5 executive coach by Forbes Magazine.


We are looking for a marketing intern who would endorse the communication between American and Japanese branch of the company.

You will be doing variety of tasks including translation of academic documents, making of landing page, data analysis of our sales customers. Not only will you be given a job opportunity while being a student, but also will be able to see the business model as a whole through the experience.

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Looking for Marketer
Job type Internship
Special features Business trips abroad / Workplace abroad / Foreign nationalities welcome / Students welcome
Company info
Founder 木下弘貴
Founded on June, 2006
Headcount 35 members
Industries Foods / Beverages / Health Care / Pharmaceuticals / Education / Research

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