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HoloAsh, Inc.

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  • ADHD Entrepreneur from Japan. Hardware Startup HoloAsh CEO.
    HoloAsh is creating a virtual assistant for getting organized for the adult with potentially ADHD.
    Being always online is exhausting. This recent trend is leading to a rise in depression and stress-related disorders called Digital Dement...

  • Did Masters in Computer Science from Indian Institue of Science, Banglore. Having 4+ years of industry experience working in NLP and ML domain. Loves building NLU systems using cognitive calibration and deep learning techniques.

  • がんばります!

What we do

  • Won the Health 2.0 Lightning Pitch
  • Our product

About HoloAsh (English below)
HoloAshはメンタルヘルスのためのAI Friendの開発をするスタートアップです。
Creating an AI friend for those with potentially ADHD or mental health issues.

In the U.S. alone, 10M adults have ADHD and 44M adults have other mental disorders, and they're feeling overstressed and loneliness.
People seeking out mental health treatment know that it can be a hassle and very expensive.

そこで、AI Friendを提供し、セラピーを24時間低コストでアクセス可能にするプロダクトです。
So our AI friend will make mental health support accessible anytime anywhere without breaking the bank.
If you're in a bad mood and need someone to talk to, our AI friend will help you to make positive decisions.

---How does it work?---

We are creating an NLP brain using Attention / CNN / RNN / LSTM combining with cognitive science.
Our communication engine is based on Motivational Interviewing, a counseling approach that empowers people to find motivation and think in a positive way.

* Health 2.0 Lightning Pitch 優勝
* Y Combinator Startup School 採択
* Make It In China Japan 1st Prize
* JETRO 飛躍プログラム 採択
* X hub Tokyo シリコンバレー進出 採択
* Accenture Health Innovation Challenge 決勝進出

Why we do

  • CEO Yoshua Kishi

-About HoloAsh
We need to create a social environment where people with differences.
The world has no tolerance for people with differences, such as ADHD, Autism, LGBT, depression, anxiety or etc.
Owing to Cartesianism, these differences are isolated. We will solve this problem by creating an AI friend who encourages you to be positive.

HoloAsh was founded by Yoshua who has ADHD since he was a child. When he was a child, he was often called inattentive and messy.
He was always scolded by teachers, friends, and parents. But he had the creativity and he could focus on one thing if it's interesting for him.
He felt huge loneliness and he needed someone who can understand him.

CEO自らがADHDであり、誰にも認められない孤独を感じていました。自分自身を認めてくれる、理解してくれる、現実世界の問題解決を支援してくれるAI Friendを創りたい、ということで始まりました。

How we do

  • In Palo Alto
  • At the Garage

How We Work?---
* Work with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures
* Share information openly
* Create Moments of Wow
* Making more mistakes than doing nothing
* Break the rule if we need it.

You will work in San Francisco or Tokyo.

Shekhar Upadhaya
CS major with 4+ years of work experience in the field of data science.
Previously he was working in Amazon, where he managed large scale data pipelines for Kindle.

Yoshua Kishi
Expert of cognitive psychology and science. After selling his former company, he has been working on solving his problem which is creating a society where people with differences like him can thrive.

Keisuke Horota
Growth hacker with 10+ years of work experience as a mobile app and backend engineer.

Arun Bhatia
NLP advisor who has been working as an NLP engineer for 4+ years.

Gail Christine Gannon
Gail mentors entrepreneurs in market and financing strategies throughout the Silicon Valley ecosystem, e.g. Stanford University’s SPARK and University of California-San Francisco’s Lean Launchpad. Gail routinely presents at Health 2.0/HIMSS.

As a new team member


* まずはツールの使い方や使っているテクニックを学びます。
* 学んだことを元にコンテンツを作っていきます。
* ユーザーからのフィードバックや連絡に対応します。

* プロダクトのエキスパートになります。
* 記事やリサーチ、ユーザーとの対話を通してプロダクトの改善を図る一員となります。
* ユーザーからの難しい質問も難なくこなすようになります。

*  採用のプロセスにも関わるようになり、部下を持つようになります。
*  採用者を育てることも役割の1つになります。


※ 必須能力

※ 望ましい能力

1 month
* Learn All internal tools and techniques we use.
* Create content based on the techniques.Write / Edit / Contribute to documentation.
* Answer customer questions quickly and efficiently

3 months
* Become an expert on the product.
* Provide insight from articles, research, and interaction with users.
* Confidently handle the urgent situation.

6 months
* Get involved in hiring and growing the team by interviewing candidates.
* Help train new product content creators and customer supporters.

In 2020 and Beyond:
Expected skills: solve novel problems, and formulate your own product ideas that anticipate problems before they come up.
You will have some team members with diverse backgrounds!

What You will Change:
You will change the social system especially for people with differences. Our world has no tolerance for people with differences. Owing to Cartesianism, most of the social systems are optimized for average people so that different people are socially isolated. Based on that, Alexa, Google Home, even Siri is providing functional supports that are not working efficiently.
So We will a member to create the next VUIs to address the modern social problem.

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