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I&CO Tokyo

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  • I&CO Tokyo 共同代表/Director of Content & Design

  • I&CO Tokyo 共同代表/Director of Strategy

What we do

我々は「ビジネス・インベンション・ ファーム」です。
新しい機会を見出し、最善のカスタ マー・エクスペリエンス(CX)を構築します。

We are a business invention firm.
We identify new market opportunities and design best-in-class customer experiences.

Why we do

We help brands get closer to their customers.


How we do

We relentlessly focus on creating what's next for your business by specializing in three areas:

STRATEGY: Customer Insights / Data / Technology
DESIGN: Service Design / Experience Design / Brand Design
INCUBATION: Digital Product / Corporate Ventures / Startups

1. Lean, nimble and experienced
We keep our teams intentionally small so that we can move fast and get to the best results more quickly.

2. Rigorously strategic, passionately craft-minded
Our talent is strategic and experienced. Each one of us is a hands-on practitioner with design, data and technology expertise.

3. An extension of your organization
Regardless of locations, we set flexible yet disciplined processes for you and us - to work as one team.

4. Problem-finding before problem-solving
We help you ask the right questions so we identify new opportunities that can unlock new potential for your business.

5. Shoot for the moon but aim for practical futures
We focus on what we call “practical futures” - far enough to prepare for what’s next but practical enough to start implementing now.

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I&CO Tokyo
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