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Open Position
on 2018-11-21 1,324 views

Open Position - Product Development


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  • Founder & co-CEO


  • Joyz株式会社で第二言語としての英語学習に関する自然言語処理系の研究者兼エンジニアをやっています。学生時代は典型的な理系のそれであり、数理科学や自然科学に関することを主に学習・研究してきました。



What we do

Teaching a language is hard. Improving the state of language teaching is even harder, since educating and training teachers for the next generation can take years of effort and massive investment. Because of this, some countries – such as Japan – have been lagging behind for decades in terms of the average English proficiency attained in public education.

Our solution is TerraTalk: a voice-enabled chatbot with an automatic assessment engine.

TerraTalk’s conversation lessons are role-play based. For instance, the app can play the role of an immigration officer at an airport, with the user pretending to be a traveler. The dialog engine is actually quite dumb (simple flow / state machine) and no machine learning is involved. We are measuring ‘correctness’ of users’ utterances instead, then deciding whether or not to progress to the next step.

Why we do

  • TerraTalkを活用する学級①
  • TerraTalkを活用する学級②

Public and private schools across Japan are now scrambling to adapt to the policy change. Any solution needs to be low-cost enough to accommodate every enrolled student. They also need to ensure that quality of teaching is maintained and as consistent as possible across the board. All of this seems unattainable with the existing class of human-based services, including Skype-based tutoring.

How we do

We are a nimble team, comprised of professionals from all over the world.

As a new team member

This is an open position post for the following job categories:

- UI/UX Design
- Web Development
- Mobile Development
- Natural Language and Speech Processing
- Infrastructure

Come work with one of the most exciting startups in Tokyo. We require either English or Japanese to be business level, but you don't have to be a bilingual to apply. We also offer full support for visa applications as well.

To get a feel of what we are doing, go to see the slides from our Django Conference talk.


- Python 3
- Django
- Celery
- Heroku
- PostgreSQL
- AWS EC2, S3, Lambda
- C++ (speech)
- Java (Android)
- Swift (iOS)

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  • Open Position - Product Development