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mobile engineer
on 2018-05-15 882 views

Building our brand-new stylish app!


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  • 広告業界にどっぷりつかっていましたが、医療系ベンチャーのCIO/執行役員として新規事業に取り組んだ後、起業。

    mamaroやBaby mapを開発・運営してます。


  • 私はドー・タン・ダットです。ベトナムから来ました。24歳です。私は2016年10月に日本へ日本語を勉強に来ました。現在にはスタートアップの会社ではらいています。私はIOS、Android、front-end webなんでもやります。


  • 2歳と6歳の子供を持つ母です。


What we do

  • a phone app for searching diaper changing places ‘Baby map’
  • private nursing rooms ‘mamaro’ for the mothers and their children

What are our products?
・developing and commercializing a phone app for searching diaper changing places ‘Baby map’
・developing, commercializing and selling private nursing rooms ‘mamaro’ for the mothers and their children

▼More details here:
「Baby map」

Why we do

  • Being a mother involved in raising children is a very difficult task!
  • We have moved to a new office!

What are our reasons?

We want the society to enjoy more the child rearing experience and not worry about having children.
Also, the name of the company ‘Trim’ means to adjust a vessel`s sails and to adjust the balance of a vessel or aircraft.
While the generations are pulling together and drifting apart at the same time, we wish that our product brings a smile on everyone's faces and that an undivided world become reality!

How we do

  • We our proud of our new spacious office!
  • The view from our office window is fantastic!

This is what we do!

Don’t you have any questions about our product or our company?
Our business is focused on delivering a great product, which will help the parents’ child-rearing task! And we will also bring a smile on your children’ faces!
We aim at creating at bringing a positive contribution to the society, while delivering a product which has not existed before!
We are looking for specialists who want to make an impact on the society and who enjoy doing business at the same time!
Don’t you want to be part of a business that our children will be proud of?
What kind people does Trim like?
Cheerful people, always with a smile on their faces
People with firm values、committed to their work
People who can work hard
People who value their family and friends
What kind of specialists does Trim want?
People who have the creativity to turn the bad parts into good
People with ideas for improvement
People who have concrete goals and who deliver results
This is what we ask for!
Why don’t pay as a visit in Minatomirai? If the weather is good, we can have a chat while taking a stroll along the Yokohama habour!

As a new team member

When you think about the famous mobile apps, you think of games!
They bring you a lot of fun and we all get absorbed in playing mobile games!
However, our mobile app is different. It is aimed at families with babies. We wish to make their parenting journey an easier task. We help each other. This is what we our app does to help the mothers and fathers.
It looks gorgeous and colorful like a game app and our users love it!
With our feelings of gratitude to all the mothers!
We wish our users to enjoy our app and to provide the families with more help in raising their children!
You reading this now, we’re waiting for you! Come and visit us!
We’ll have a cup of tea while enjoying the great scenery of Minatomirai!

Mainly used development language
- php
- Swift
- C#
- C++
- Object C
- Python

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  • Building our brand-new stylish app!