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What we do

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Our mission at Yaruki Switch Group is to "find the Jewel (=talent) within every single child, and provide full support to make that Jewel shine."

What we treasure is not just academic development. We respect each child’s characteristics and nurture their “confidence and motivation” through the success experienced when achieving their goals.

“Think for yourself, decide for yourself, and act for yourself”; with this in mind, we help the children to polish their “jibun-ryoku” (self power) to take on challenges in life, opening up their own path without being swayed by the general values and other people’s evaluations.

We are a rapid-growing general educational group that not only focuses on children, but also our employees and everyone else we encounter. We strive to work with those who share our corporate and educational philosophy to support the future of all children. With our ‘Apply individual approaches to individuals’ educational philosophy, we continue to expand from our establishment 1300 school network to the beyond, not only nationwide but worldwide.

Why we do

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  • 02e2e37d 40e1 48cc 9b3c cf36d42999f6?1503464162 Each individual has a precious asset!!

"We want children to ""achieve their dreams, and live happy lives.""

We are serious about what we want to do, primarily, nurturing individual children's talents.
Have you ever …
・felt motivated when you overcame a challenging situation?
・received a positive energy boost through something somebody you trust told you?.....etc.

We call these ""YARUKI Switch"" moments.
These are the moments that change and shape your future.
Our hope is to find that ""YARUKI Switch"" that everyone has, and for all the children of the world to realize their dreams through our educational services."

How we do

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  • 8bae021f bc31 472a a857 1596a79ae5c0?1503464162 Let's search for the "YARUKI switch"!

5464 employees work for YARUKI Switch Group.
Various people are working in various sections, all to support the future of your children.

School Directors and teachers are working at our schools for our students and parents.

Accounting, PR, Marketing, General Affairs, etc...Office staffs are working to support their operation in many ways.
The tasks may differ, but our belief is the same "Turning on children's YARUKI Switch"

And we are all very serious about this!
We are delighted to welcome new employees who share the same passion as us.
We look forward to your application!


Whether working at "Kids Duo – English Afterschool Care" or "WinBe – English School",
your role will be to teach English in a fun and communicative manner.
Our students are generally 3-12 years old, and all eager to have fun in their classes.
As an English native speaker, you will be leading/assisting English lessons and working closely together with your Japanese colleagues to create a fun and exciting school for everyone!!

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Basic info
Looking for Childcare
Job type Mid-career / Contract work
Special features Use foreign languages / Available to talk on Skype / Foreign nationalities welcome
Company info
Founder 松田 正男
Founded on November, 1989
Headcount 801 members
Industries Entertainment / Human Resources / Nursing Care / Education / Research

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