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  • Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.
    I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.

  • 2018年に新卒としてベンチャー企業に入社。



  • 2008年に1社目太陽光パネルのセールスからキャリアをスタート。24歳で2社目Web系企業の 執行役員として事業部を統括。人事経験を経て27歳でCEO就任。Web広告業、金融業、飲食業など全11事業を展開。



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What we do

[ Company Description ]

Our company was established in 2017 and has been developing D2C (single-item subscription shopping) and EC businesses for cosmetics, dog food, and other products, with a focus on carbonated acid shampoo (aerosol foam shampoo) as our main product.

With a corporate culture that implements PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) at high speed, the company has increased sales and profits for four consecutive years since its establishment, and has expanded its business overseas in a short period of time to the United States and Australia, where it is still expanding.

We have completed our expansion into China in 2021 and plan to expand into other English-speaking countries than the U.S. in 2022.

In addition, we started infomercials in October 2021, and we plan to develop offline advertising in the future.

Our men's brand shampoo, the main product of our D2C global expansion, has surpassed 100 million yen in monthly sales in the U.S., and we are currently expanding our women's brand including cosmetics as well.

We are looking for a marketing leader candidate who can manage Japan, the U.S. and the world in order to break through 10 billion yen in annual sales in the shortest time possible.

Why we do

[ Our Vision ]
To make people happy, recreate the Big Bang in growing industries.

[ Our Values ]
- Entrepreneurship
- Enthusiasm for Winning
- Speed is Key

“To make people happy, recreate the Big Bang in growing industries.” To achieve this vision, we have challenged ourselves time and time again, all the way back to our founding in 2014.

I think it goes without saying that we have made it this far thanks to the abilities of each individual with whom this vision resonated and who has given their full effort towards achieving its goals.

In this age where not only companies, but society as a whole faces major transformation, we will put everything towards achieving our vision.

How we do

[ Working Environment ]

- Overwhelming growth speed as a marketing leader candidate
(Acquiring skills in one year that it takes three years to acquire at other companies.)

- Broaden your horizons
(You can experience the speed of corporate growth and global expansion with the goal of surpassing 10 billion yen in annual sales.)

- Work with members in their 20s who are ambitious and can work hard to improve each other

- Thorough meritocracy
(There is a person who became the CEO of a subsidiary within a year and a half after joining the company with no experience.)

- In our company, there is an ingrained culture of giving people more responsibility and discretion if they achieve results.

As a new team member

[ Specific duties after joining the company ]

1) Advertisement Management & Marketing
(The main focus is to develop measures to increase LTV and decrease CPO.)

- Display advertising management
- Meeting with the client
- Numerical analysis using heat maps and analytics
- Operation and review of web advertising (e.g., Competitive advertising research Article production Creative production Distribution Recording of advertising indicators)
- Strengthen SNS operations and build campaigns to reduce CPO (e.g., Gift campaigns on Instagram)
- Consideration of measures to increase the number of customers who have cancelled their subscriptions (e.g., step mail, up-selling)
- Product inventory management, LTV calculation, offer setting
- Sales promotion for affiliates
- Building campaigns for seasonal events

2) Web Production & Direction

- Article production and direction for web advertising and SNS advertising
- LP production
- Repair and direction of LP / HP
- Banner Ad Production
- Creative Production
- Video Ad Direction
- Promotional Video Production
- Other Web Content Production

*Example of work*
One month prior to the launch, you start thinking about what elements are necessary to make the target customer want to buy the product, and work with your team members to structure the content, build it, arrange the design, and produce it. Sometimes you ask celebrities or influencers to try out the products and describe their impressions. You will work on creating pages from the customer’s point of view.

[ Message ]
If you want to grow with the company and become a top-notch businessperson while engaging in friendly competition with future leaders and managers who will take charge of business development with a broad perspective and high aspirations, and if you want to open up the world of Marketing with your own hands, please apply!

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