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Casual jacket inspired by anti-fur campaign




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This term, the genre was a casual wear that conveys a political message. I decided to do the Anti-fur campaign as I am an animal lover. The inpspirations came from the illustrations of anti fur campaign. My design is about the change of roles. Animals break the cage to escape and acting as humans to take their revenge on the humans. So, they are dressed up as red indian tribes.
The print of garment was done with screen printing. 

This represents the broken cage where the animlas escaped from.

The final lay out

Slogan which I added on the facing of the jacket.

The original drawing of the motis.

Test print (A4)

Final print in progress (back side of the jacket)

The design plan, and clour palette. Even though the message in the design is quite serious I did not want the jacket look too serious, so I used bright colours.

Slogan was printed on the facing.

Final jacket

This jacket was exhibited for my graduation showcase, so for the exhibition we hired the actual models and made thie spread for the exhibition.