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Freedom to Create 2011, Cape TownTransforming Life

Freedom to Create 2011, Cape Town
Transforming Life

Established in 2006, Freedom to Create supports programmes and projects around the world that unleash people’s creativity.Freedom of creative expression is a cornerstone of just and fair societies and is essential to fostering peace and prosperity. Freedom to Create focuses on regions of the world where there is the greatest need to change mindsets and build capacity to fight the intolerance and conflict that prevents creativity from flourishing. In many societies, political repression, intolerance, ignorance and religious extremism inhibit creative expression, especially for women. Artists play an important role in breaking these barriers and championing creative, economic and political freedom. The Freedom to Create Prize celebrates the courage and creativity of artists who use their talents to build social foundations and inspire the human spirit. Freedom to Create Exhibitions celebrate the power of arts and culture to build more creative and prosperous societies. Annual touring exhibitions, showcase works by artists from some of the darkest places in the world, and provide a global platform for their messages of courage, reconciliation, strength, unity, healing and hope.The theme for 2011 Freedom to Create was "Transforming Life".  The visual take a more lively turn and focus on a more colourful approach as to celebrate freedom, to celebrate life, celebrate diversity and freedom to express. Splashes of colours and free brush stroke and flying patels from the logo was integrated into the visual of smiling people from different ethic background.For more informations, visit