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FIL'EM : a traveler's hotel





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FIL’EM is a traveler's lodge synonymous to a backpacker's hotel
that enriches the experience of a traveler by promoting and supporting the film making industry. Located in Chow Kit, sandwiched between the 1960s hotspot and iconic buildings of Federal Cinema and Capitol Cinema, this hotel is designed to remind the guests of the colourful and lively historical happenings besides providing accommodation. The cinematic quality of the spaces encourages the guests to venture on their curiosity and perhaps tell their story through their own films. The ground floor is turned into a public space with different nodes to gather and meet, namely: the cinema , the marketplace and the coffeehouse. This hotel can also be seen as a cinema centre that hosts movie screenings, conducts independent film discussions and archives antique and current local films. Anyone can come over and learn a thing or two about film making or archiving for the future of our artistic identity within the growing community of Kuala Lumpur.
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There are too many images to upload from the design process up til the final product of this semester's work. Hence, I've compiled relevant images together and put them in sequence of a storyboard of the design journey so far.Enjoy the visual essay below.