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Let's Get Lost




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"Let's Get Lost" is a school studio project done in collaboration for National Geographic Travel. "Let's Get Lost" is our version of National Geographic Adventure's own "Let's Get Lost" series of advertising and promotions. 
"Let's Get Lost" promotes spontaneous travelling, encouraging travellers to get lost and take a different route to discover the unexpected. At the same time we would like to emphasise on safety while getting lost. "Let's Get Lost" campaign will take place as a series of advertisements for an instagram vlogging campaign. The audience is encouraged to purchase a "Let's Get Lost" kit to participate in the vlogging challenge.
The 1st promotions of advertising is a television commercial showed on National Geographic Adventure TV based on the idea of  "Losing the Map & Discover". Accompanied with the release of the television commercial are 2 bus stop print ads.

Part of the print collateral is a brochure available to the public. The brochure contains information on what is contained in the kit.

The "Let's Get Lost" kit is targeted specifically to Cambodia. In the kit includes merchandise such as a printed t-Shirt, tote bag, travel pouch and luggage tags for the buyer's perusal. A leaflet contained in the kit explains details of the challenge. The selected creative vloggers get a chance to have their clips featured in National Geographic Adventure TV and win a trip to Bali.
The kit also includes game cards printed with photos of "not as well known" places in Cambodia. Using the cards they are to head to the selected location of the card by cross referencing it with information in the manual. Their journey is to be vlogged through instagram and when they reached the destination, they are to snap a shot with the card in hand as evidence of being at the right location.

The manual contains 
- Safety Information in travelling
- Helplines
- Information concerning loss of passport and other items
- Card game guides
- Location Information