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Ogilvy Malaysia - 2013
Kuala Lumpur, once known for its natural beauty, now has more cold concrete than green spaces. wanted to change this. The goal was to raise awareness about, an environmentally responsible flower company, by rejuvenating the environment. In the hope of rejuvenating the environment, we created bird feed called Flying Seeds. With just a modest budget, we covered tiny flower seeds with a coating of bird feed, and gave them for free with every bouquet of flowers purchased at the shop. We asked customers to help our cause by feeding Flying Seeds to the birds around their neighbourhood with Flying Seeds. Birdfeeders that stored Flying Seeds were also placed around the city for birds to feed on. It was only time before birds fed on the seeds and helped spread our flower seeds wherever they flew to. In just 12 weeks into the campaign, beautiful flowers have already begun sprouting throughout the city, in the most unusual places and the environment is slowly but surely claiming back what the concrete jungle took from it. Bringing back the natural beauty of the city. Rejuvenating the environment works well in favour of a flower company. is in the business of selling flowers. What better way to advertise than to bring back flowers to a city that has forgotten all about them.  Awards Won: Kancil 2014 Gold - Rebel & InnovationMerit - Outdoor Advertising, AmbientMerit - Direct, Direct Mail 



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