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Shintaro Muroi

株式会社Fusic / Analyst福岡県

Shintaro Muroi

株式会社Fusic / Analyst

Born and raised in Japan, emigrated to UK to find out about myself, and now back in Japan while being yet lost in life. Looking to define my ikigai


In the future

Will be leaving this civilised world at some point in the future in pursuit of the meaning of life.

株式会社Fusic3 years


- Present


University of Warsaw1 year

Erasmus + Programme


I did a year in Warsaw over the period 2018 - 2019. Proud to be awarded this prestigious opportunity to deepen my experience of living abroad; It was my first time living outside Japan and UK, and it got me a variety of realisations about how blessed I'd been in my whole life.

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