Kirill Sorokin

Queen's University Belfast / MSc Business Analytics

Kirill Sorokin

Queen's University Belfast / MSc Business Analytics

Hello, My name is Kirill. I am currently a student at Queen's University Belfast in the UK, studying Masters in Business Analytics, and I have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence). I have also undertaken work experi


In the future

As someone that has a degree in Computer Science and Business Analytics, and many different experiences in Japanese companies. I would like to work as a Data Analyst, Business Analyst, System Engineer, Project Manager, Product Manager, or some kind of developer.

Queen's University Belfast1 year

MSc Business Analytics


Hitachi Ltd5 months

System Engineer


Consult, Plan, Design, Develop, Maintain, and Improve IT infrastructure for Omika Works (Hitachi Ltd), and Overseas Affiliated Companies. Install, Configure, Test, and maintain operating systems, application software and system management.

Toyota Boshoku6 months

Data Analyst


- Perform Data Analysis in Biometric Sensors. - Analyse data using statistical techniques, implementing and maintaining databases. - Gather data from primary and secondary sources.

Yamaha Corporation4 months

Network Engineer(Intern)


Work on new specification proposal for future Yamaha network products, based on current product evaluation and verification. Participating in a development team, and collaborating with other members to achieve a project goal which materialises future Yamaha products.

Brunel University London4 years

BSc Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) with Professional Placement


Grade: Second Class (Upper Division) Honours (2.1)

Bosch Japan9 months

Regional Business Unit Manager Assistant(Intern)


Department: Cross-Domain Computing Solutions (XC-AN/RBU-JP - Regional Business Unit) - Create documentation on various projects. - Assist in accounting.

Harrow College3 years

Level 3 Extended Diploma in Information Technology


Grade: D*DD


  • English - Native
  • Russian - Native
  • Japanese - Conversational
  • Korean - Conversational

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