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investment materials(excerpt) 3月の投資資料抜粋

The chart below shows the fluctuations in the gold and bitcoin markets. Gold prices have been stable, while Bitcoin has been volatile. In particular, investors tend to sell the Bitcoin if investors concerns about the economy. In other words, cryptocurrencies are bought for speculative purposes, not for safe assets.


Decane companies are dominating in the United States and China. China takes the lead, like Bytedance (SNS) and Didi Chuxing (ride-sharing). Next is the US, like Space X (aerospace), Stripe (net payments), Airbnb (tourism), and Epic Games, which I believe that everybody likes.

Bytedance(SNS)やDidi Chuxing(ライドシェア)のように中国勢が頭一つ抜けており、その次に米国勢のSpace X(宇宙航空)やStripe(ネット決済)、Airbnb( tourism )、みんなが大好きなEpic Games(Game)があります。

KEYENCE CORPORATION mainly sells IoT equipment for factories and product planning. The company outsources most of its production to domestic manufacturers, but their sales and planning capabilities are outstanding, and the company is operating with high profitability and soundness.


Amazon has become a giant of EC and cloud, but it seems that it is planning to install "Alexa" in IoT devices all over the world using "Amazon echo," which is familiar as a smart speaker.

アマゾンはECとクラウドの巨人となったが、今後はスマートスピーカーとしておなじみの「Amazon echo」を足掛かりとして世界中のIoT機器に「Alexsa」を搭載を目論んでいるようだ。

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