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【社員紹介Vol.18】Career Move to OYO LIFE


Q. OYO LIFEに入社するまではどんなキャリアを積んできましたか

I grew up in Fukuoka and Sydney and worked in Singapore and Tokyo. I attended an international school in Fukuoka before moving to Sydney with my family. I graduated from Macquarie University with a bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications.


After graduating, I moved back to Japan to start my career while my Australian friends went on a gap year. Having Japanese parents meant I had to have a job lined up straight after university! I was exploring various industries, multinational corporations, and embassies.


* 卒業後に進学や就職をせずに、自由に過ごす時間のこと。

I was at a farewell for a friend working at an international bank and was introduced to a recruiter who convinced me that a career at Citibank ticks many of my boxes - global, international working environment, mobility, bilingual talents, and opportunities for women.


I stayed with Citibank for over 10 years, with my role spanning from Tokyo to a regional role in Singapore where I oversaw 17 countries, and partnered closely with country heads in transforming the bank into a digital bank and building alliance partnerships with local financial and digital players to grow the business.


After 5 years of working in Singapore, my husband and I missed our family, friends and our social life in Tokyo and moved back.


My mother was the one to tell me about OYO LIFE as it launched in Japan just as we returned to Tokyo. I remember thinking there was nothing more digitally behind in Japan than banking and real estate industries, and it was about time someone was exploring technology and real estate together! Coming from Singapore where banking via apps was the norm, Japan seemed very analogue.

OYO LIFEについて知ったのは、日本上陸のタイミングに帰国し、母がOYO LIFEについて教えてくれたことも重なりました。日本の銀行や不動産ほどデジタル化が進んでいない業界はないと日頃から感じていましたので、不動産業界をテクノロジーで変革していくというOYO LIFEについて知ったときは、これは凄い!と思いました。シンガポールではアプリから銀行のサービスが何でも可能なので、それに慣れると、日本はまだまだ遅れている!と感じました。

It just so happens that I was at a friend's barbeque and a recruiter there suggested I interview with OYO LIFE, an international technology start-up funded by SoftBank, as they were looking to build a team of bilingual senior talents to grow their real estate business.

あるとき、友人のバーベキューで出会ったリクルーターから、「ソフトバンクから出資を受けたテクノロジーのスタートアップで、不動産ビジネスを成長させるためにグローバルなチームの立ち上げ」に誘われたのが、OYO LIFEにジョインしたきっかけでした。

It may not be the norm to go for a job interview without a job description but that’s how OYO LIFE recruited talents. I was interviewed by OYO LIFE CEO and Japan head over coffee at a hotel and after a few days, my role was created. I would oversee investor and shareholder relations, and synergistic partnerships.

仕事の内容が決まってないまま面接を受けるのは、普通では考えられないかもしれませんが、それがOYO LIFEの面接のスタイルでした。 OYO LIFEのCEOと日本のトップと、ホテルでお茶しながら面接を受け、数日間後ポジションが決まりました。パートナーシップという、IR(インベスター・リレーション)や提携企業とのシナジーを生み出すポジションでした。

Team Diversity

Q. OYO LIFEで働く環境について教えてください

I joined the Leadership Team. I remember my first meeting - being very impressed with everyone’s career background and how bilingual many were.

OYO LIFEではリーダーシップ・チームに所属しています。最初のミーティングで印象に残ったのは、メンバーの経歴と多くの方がバイリンガルであることでした。

I believe that who you work with and who you work for are just as important as what you do at a company. I see OYO LIFE, not as a Japanese or an Indian company but an international company, localized to cater for Japan's market needs and supported by international talents.

仕事で何をするのかも大切ですが、それと同じ位誰と働くのか、また誰のために働くのかも大切だと考えています。私としてはOYO LIFEは日本の会社でもインドの会社でもありません。世界中から集まった人材が、日本のニーズに応えるためのサービスを提供しているインターナショナルな会社です。

OYO Culture: IMA

Q. 入社してから最大の「今」エピソードを教えてください

Some amusements when I joined include WhatsApp and Slack used as official communication tools with external stakeholders. Coming from a heavily regulated working environment like a bank, I was horrified!

OYO LIFEにジョインして、思ってもみなかったことが数多くありましたが、何より驚いたのは、ワッツアップやスラックが外部の関係者とも使用されていたことです。銀行という規制が多い業界にずっと身を置いていたこともあり、最初はビックリしました!

On Your Own Life

Q. あなたのこだわりのライフスタイル を教えてください

When we moved back to Tokyo, I was job hunting as well as house hunting. My weekends are spent looking at houses and apartments, and I love organizing group dinners with friends or grabbing a coffee in Nakameguro, my favorite spot in Tokyo.


When we lived in Singapore, we would often travel to neighboring countries - diving in Southeast Asia or snowboarding in Japan. Being back in Japan, we are enjoying the four seasons we missed.



Maiko Hamon
Head of Partnership Senior Director



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