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#オフィスの役割 快適さ・柔軟さ・色・照明・デザインなどを組み合わせて、社員のベストパフォーマンスを引き出します。


#ワークスペース BIRDMANの社員はオフィスが好きですが、そのデザインだけを気に入っているわけではありません。苦労しながら一生懸命にクリエイティビティを生み出し続けているこの空間が好きなのです。



What Really Makes a #CoolOffice?

Cool offices got envy-inspiring perks and stand out for how they blend comfort & flexibility, color & light, design & inspiration to keep employees happy and engaged.

We believe #Millennials in particular want to feel a sense of purpose when it comes to their job, they want to come to work and feel like they’re part of something larger than themselves. An #officedesigncan help nurture that, it reminds them why they’re there and why this brand is important to the world.

Here at Birdman we like being in the office. But not necessarily for its style, though we are proud of it. It is more personal: we have put in the sweat, time and the creativity to make it what it is.

We use the central space and the roof terrace for so many fun team events—like BBQs, cocktail evenings, pizza parties…it contains the feeling of the memories we’ve made and the fun we’ve had there. That’s what actually makes us happy here.

But, we do not want our staff to get too comfortable. So, among the many innovative policies Roy Ryo Tsukiji, our CEO, has developed one that sounds at first blush like a productivity nightmare: Every few months, the entire #seatingchart is redesigned. Everyone moves. But it is so much fun, because it also serves another useful purpose: Teams that will be working together most intensively the following months are most likely seated near each other. And it really unlocked some of our ability to work together faster, it made everything feel a lot more collaborative.

PS: We got featured in the 100 best 'offices for tomorrow' in Japan (you can find us at No. 22). So happy. Here is the link for our Japanese Enthusiasts. https://ashita-office.com/magazine/office-design-100-2397

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