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インターン第一号の某有名大学院生。社員みんなから可愛がられる日本語ペラペラの外国籍院生。 IoTデバイスの試作品づくりやプログラミングに携わり、その姿勢や仕事ぶりが認められ海外エンジニアをサポートするプロジェクトマネージャーも任される。


I think the way I found AG is pretty unique. I met Ronald in a high school alumni whatsapp group discussing about blockchain and cryptocurrency. We went to the same high school, yet have 13 years difference. It’s a coincidence since there were only Ron and me who live in Japan in that group. At the time we first met I was having another internship in a big Japanese company doing devOps. However, we got along well pretty quickly and I started working in AG soon after I finished my internship.



You can learn so much here! Currently I am working as a full stack engineer intern and able to experience the early development of a web service. I was given tasks related to back-end, front-end, devOps (docker), etc which gave me the whole understanding of how a web app works. Since we are few people and closed, it is very easy to discuss and give your opinion to colleagues or even directly to Ronald. Your opinions matter and are welcome. We also often discuss about new business opportunity since we like to expand and challenge new things!




Direct, logical, technical, caring, goal-oriented, progressive. All the spices needed to be a CEO. 笑



Currently I am sharpening my software engineering skills by accomplishing various projects. While doing this, I also have a chance to bridge marketers and engineers, learning to negotiate and meet marketing demands and orchestrating engineers to achieve that. Meanwhile, I have a dream of creating a service that can solve social problems or at least improve people’s life. I enjoy exploring new ideas with the team and really hope some of them can be implemented and bring AG to the next level.




Flexible work hours, result-oriented, small and open-minded team, chance to experience various things in web development, chance to learn the spirit of achieving a dream.


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