First IT Job

Hello! My name is Kai.

This week is my first week at Plusing and day one of my IT career.

A little bit about myself, I was born and raised in Hawaii and lived there for most of my life. I have worked mainly in the hospitality industry at different big-name hotels throughout my college years. After college I decided to make a big change and move to Japan.

All my working life I tried to find a job that would be conducive to career and personal growth. I tried every job my managers let me. I was in almost every department at a hotel except for housekeeping.

After I moved to Japan, I tried giving teaching English a shot, but still I had a deep sense of unsatisfaction. Nothing seemed to get me going, and every day was a long arduous trudge to a short-lived weekend.

That’s when I discovered data science. For some odd reason I couldn’t get enough of it. I loved learning it and I could spend hours a day just practicing SQL and Python. Finally, it was like I had drank water for the first time in my life. Why didn’t anyone tell me that this was a career option? It was then I decided that I wanted to do IT for a living. After a long job-hunting period I landed a job here at Plusing!

I know that there is so much to learn, but I think that’s where the fun is to be had. I am very grateful to Okada-San for giving me this opportunity to learn the ropes of the IT industry.

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