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Content Quality Guideline

Wantedly Admin is a social recruiting platform that allows you to connect with team mates and acquaintances, making work the most exciting it's been. We encourage you to post contents that focus on not welfare and pay, but "how your team plans to create an impact in the world."

We want to help you appeal to the users directly and efficiently. To do that, we 've created a guideline on how to express and communicate your passion. These are the key elements to effectively grabbing talented users' interest:

3 Important Factors

  • 1. What does your team do?
  • 2. Who do you want to appeal to the most?
  • 3. What is your team vision?

Express the above 3 factors through your job posting title and cover image.

Create contents that meet the guideline, that way more people who relate to your vision will "Want to Visit" your team.

Appearing on our site

Our quality assurance team runs an evaluation on each post that's published.

If the quality of the posting is below a certain level, it will not be shown on the website.


Meets the guideline:

  • Titles that are specified by keywords
    Ex) Looking for interns that want to learn about ******(keyword)
    Ex) Wanted: Engineers whose passion is to *******(keyword)

Does not meet the guideline:

  • Uses symbols like: ∞☆ 【 】 < > [ ]◯ ◎ △ ▽ □ ◇
  • Mentions pay, length of working time, or welfare. Includes words like "Urgent" "Paid" "Limited offer"
  • Any job that's limited to a certain gender or age
  • Titles that mention the type of employment, such as "Mid-career recruitment" "Full-time employee"
  • Postings that are just lists of working conditions (like pay/benefits, compensation, work location, job requirements)

* The words "Entry level" "Part-time" "Intern" are exceptions to the rule and CAN be used in titles.

Cover image

Meets the guideline:

  • Shows members of the team, images that express what the team is like
  • Shows workplace and the team working
  • Expresses the company culture (pictures of company trips, meetings, etc.)
  • Image of the company's products
Text in your cover image:
  • Is about your company's philosophy and vision
  • Message to your clients and users
  • Not about skills, but about whom you want to work with

Does not meet guidelines

  • Image or illustration is inappropriate
  • Has image noise; is grainy, blurry, or poor quality
Text in your cover image:
  • Text including logos and slogans, makes up more than 30% of the cover image
  • Specific dates (e.g. dates of hiring events)
Size of image
  • Violates the 30% text policy*
  • Image zooms into the logo or has text overlapping each other
  • Image is obviously trying to use the loophole of the 30% text policy (such as retouching the image to include large text on products)
  • Images and illustrations that use excessively bright colors to get noticed

*Our 30% text policy states that if your cover image consists of text, including company's vision statements and logos, it must only take up a maximum of 30% of the image.
*Using multiple loud colors can be counted as not meeting the guideline.

And that's the Wantedly Content Quality Guideline! Remember, the above is only a 'guide' line, and there may be cases where the quality assurance team decides the job post is inappropriate regardless of it meeting the requirements. In the future, new sections may be added to this page.

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